My Professional Mission

“To connect chiropractors and humanity to the

essence of the philosophy, science and art of




My Services



Vida Chiropractic

Vida Chiropractic is Dr. Davids flagship path to mastery. There are Vida Chiropractic centers all around the world and the teams vision is to have a Vida Chiropractic Center in every country on the planet.


If you feel you share our values and our interested in becoming part of the Vida team feel free to contact David.


Mentoring and Coaching

Dr. David Serio offers a very personalized mentoring and coaching process. He has 6 to 12 month programs that will ensure your success personally and as a Chiropractor.

For more information or to speak to someone who has gone through the mentoring process contact David.



Life Evolution

The Life Evolution Experience is a multi day experience of personal growth and Chiropractic all centered upon the 33 principles of Chiropractic.The next Life Evolution Experience will be located in Sweden in 2019.

Visit Life Evolution


Now Available!

33 is a practical guide of the 33 principles filled with inspiration, practice insights and personal growth. Over 46 Chiropractors from all around the world contributed. 33 can be found on Amazon USA and Amazon Europe.

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